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RTI Tool easyCBM® Launches Two Long-awaited Additions

Riverside Insights
Written By Riverside Insights
On Apr 16, 2021
5 minute read
What is easyCBM®?


easyCBM is a benchmark and progress monitoring assessment and learning management system for district-wide implementation of research-based Response to Intervention (RTI). Created to facilitate instruction and intervention at every RTI tier, easyCBM provides the most up-to-date comparisons of student performance through its updated 2020 norms and comprehensive reporting suite. Available for grades K–8, the Reading and Mathematics curriculum-based measures examine a full year of academic growth, giving you insights to make informed intervention and instructional decisions. Designed by researchers at the University of Oregon, easyCBM is distributed exclusively by Riverside Insights®.



What is CBMSkills?



Now included with easyCBM, CBMSkills helps teachers to tailor classroom instruction and enables students to practice and master standards-aligned math skills. CBMSkills modules progress into major math topics that coincide with in-class instruction in preparation for easyCBM's benchmarks and progress monitoring measures. Using gamification and badges earned for achievements, students have fun practicing what they are learning while receiving instant feedback. Easy-to-read reports allow teachers to diagnose error patterns and identify student gaps in learning. Each practice question includes audio and can be read to the student in 14 languages.



  • Pinpoint students’ areas of strength and weakness and identify ways to tailor classroom instruction
  • Access CBMSkills materials anywhere and on any device
  • Keep students engaged with fun and informative lessons
  • Ensure a high-quality learning experience with high quality content
  • For more information, visit



Check out this presentation from easyCBM authors Dr. Julie Alonzo and Dr. Gerald Tindal as they dive into CBMSkills and the positive impact it will have on your RTI program.






What is Write Right Now?


Now with easyCBM's Write Right Now, teachers can easily structure, assign, and grade student writing across the curriculum. Resources such as graphic organizers, outlines, and rubrics can be incorporated for use throughout each student's writing process. From beginning to end, teachers can guide their students through each step of planning, drafting, revising, and finalizing their writing.



  • Thought-provoking writing prompts in our Prompt Library empower students from grades K-8 to improve writing skills in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science
  • Grade with the same level of integrity, in half the time by mapping intended grading criteria and storing comments in your personal library for quick access when grading
  • Orchestrate collaborative review cycles to help students take ownership of their writing
  • Join a network of teachers sharing ideas and best practices for improving student outputs
  • For more information, visit



Hear the easyCBM team, Jen Thoennes, Dr. Julie Alonzo, and Dr. Gerald Tindal, as they discuss the ways that Write Right Now streamlines the process of providing feedback to deepen students’ writing skills.




Why Does it Matter to You?


These valuable additions of CBMSkills and Write Right Now to easyCBM come at a time when RTI is at the forefront of every educator’s mind. Real world applications to improve practice and skills efficiently and effectively are the key to helping teachers and students navigate the near-term effects of the COVID Learning Gap. Even when we return to normal learning models, well-planned, research-based interventions like these will remain central to best practices in individualizing instruction and providing actionable feedback for meaningful gains in student growth and proficiency.


CBMSkills and Write Right Now are two new ways easyCBM delivers the tools to inform instruction and intervention!

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