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Picture of Jenny Ponzuric, MA, LEP, ABSNP

Jenny Ponzuric, MA, LEP, ABSNP

Jenny Ponzuric, MA, LEP, ABSNP is an Educational Consultant, providing training as well as direct support to school districts. With a background in school psychology, Jenny worked for a school district in southern CA for 13 years prior to moving to administration, earning her post-graduate certificate in School Neuropsychology along the way. She then served as a Director in Teacher Support Services within the Ventura County Office of Education for over three years. Nowadays Jenny can be found training school psychologists as well as other assessment team members on topics such as learning disabilities, including dyslexia and the impact of attention on learning. Jenny also has a small private practice, providing educational testing and time management support. Jenny is a Past President of both the CA Association of School Psychologists and the Ventura County Association of School Psychologists.

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