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BDI-2 vs BDI-3: It's No 'Apples to Apples' in the Assessment World

Katy Genseke, Psy.D.
Written By Katy Genseke, Psy.D.
On Apr 30, 2021
1 minute read

In the world of assessment, there are tried-and-true measures which have always been used to gather information to guide decision making. The Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI; Newborg et al., 1984) has been around since 1973 and is a staple in the assessment of developmental milestones for children birth 7 years 11 months. In September of 2020, Riverside Insights® released the 3rd edition of this important assessment.


But why? And what are the differences between the two versions? Let us dig into that a bit more...


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