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New Partnership to Keep Schools Safe Through Modern Student Wellness

Riverside Insights
Written By Riverside Insights
On Feb 22, 2024
2 minute read

New Partnership Allows Educators to Enhance Student Well-Being and Safety in Schools, Adding Mental Health to Riverside Insights' Existing Portfolio of Education Resources

ITASCA, IL, February 22, 2024 — Riverside Insights®, a leading developer of research-based assessments and analytics, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Healthy Minds, Safe Schools, a pioneer in social-emotional and behavioral (SEB) multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) frameworks. This collaboration aims to empower educators with innovative solutions to enhance student well-being and safety in educational settings.


Healthy Minds, Safe Schools introduces an integrated SEB MTSS framework designed to Assess Student Risk, Prevent Harm, and Increase Student Safety. Through its unique data management and analytics system, organizational systems thinking, and team implementation coaching, the program equips educators with the tools to address student needs effectively.


This partnership enables educators to access comprehensive training modules, both live and remote, tailored to support the implementation of the SEB MTSS framework. By leveraging data-driven management techniques, educators can confidently identify at-risk students and provide timely interventions, ultimately saving lives and fostering a culture of safety within schools.


Notably, Healthy Minds, Safe Schools stands out as the only screening tool and program to offer Tiered Intervention Banding, aligning seamlessly with MTSS principles. This feature allows educational teams to initiate targeted interventions promptly, enhancing student support and intervention strategies.


Moreover, the program's alignment with the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Education’s school shooter pathway to attack protocols underscores its commitment to proactive safety measures. By integrating these protocols into its SEB MTSS framework, Healthy Minds, Safe Schools provides educators with invaluable resources to identify and address potential threats proactively.


Through this partnership, Riverside Insights and Healthy Minds, Safe Schools reaffirm their shared dedication to supporting educators in creating safe, nurturing environments where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


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