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Assessment Crosswalks: A New Tool for Your Assessment Toolkit

Riverside Insights
Written By Riverside Insights
On May 3, 2022
4 minute read

Riverside Insights is pleased to offer Assessment Crosswalks for the Battelle Developmental Inventory, Third Edition (BDI-3®).


Assessment Crosswalks are designed to expand the utility of the BDI-3® assessments.
      • The crosswalks facilitate the investigation of the most salient features of conditions often discussed in the fields of psychology and education.
      • Assessment Crosswalks highlight specific items that align with diagnostic criteria (e.g., DSM-5) for target conditions.

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Crosswalks coming soon in 2022 for the BDI-3® Developmental Complete:  
2022-01-24 15_32_53-BDI-3 ASD_Template-2.pdf
      • Autism 

      • Intellectual Disability
      • ADHD
Future Crosswalks
      • Dyslexia using the BEAS 
      • Dyscalculia using the BEAS 
      • And more! 

This tool is available to all BDI-3® subscribers. 


Also available soon for the BDI-2 Spanish - Find These Crosswalks on Data Manager:
      • ADHD
      • Autism
      • Intellectual Disability


Early childhood developmental milestones have monumental impacts on the future of young students. Monitor the essential development of skills in children starting at birth with the Battelle Developmental Inventory, Third Edition (BDI-3). BDI-3 offers a comprehensive assessment of key developmental domains (communication, social-emotional, adaptive, motor, cognitive) and provides crucial information that facilitates educational/intervention planning.


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