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ESGI Survey: What are Some Early Childhood Educators Reporting?

Riverside Insights
Written By Riverside Insights
On Aug 17, 2021
2 minute read

Nearly 50% of Teachers Report Pre-K through First Grade Students have Suffered Large Learning Losses, ESGI Survey Finds


  • Early childhood educators concerned that the majority of young students may need up to a year to recoup learning losses
  • Educators see hybrid more of a risk than remote learning

ELKHART, Ind., Aug. 03, 2021 -- Nearly 50% of early childhood educators believe that pre-K through first grade students have suffered large learning losses over the last 18 months which will present challenges when students return to classes in the fall, according to a recent survey conducted by ESGI. The teachers also reported that it may take until the end of the 2021/2022 school year to close the gap. Most concerning is that a quarter of the teachers surveyed expect that many students may need more than one academic year to catch up.


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