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4 Tips for Administering the BDI-3 During COVID-19

Riverside Insights
Written By Riverside Insights
On Feb 18, 2021
4 minute read

In light of the effects brought on by COVID-19 and nation-wide school closures, early childhood students are not getting the resources they need to succeed both developmentally, and foundationally. Riverside Insights is aware of that and continues to be committed to aiding educators as they navigate these unprecedented times.


If you are planning to administer the Battelle® Developmental Inventory, Third Edition (BDI-3®) in-person with PPE, here are 4 things to consider:


  1. Refer to our BDI-3 PPE Considerations Series on YouTube: created by BDI Product Manager, Jacqueline Kilburn, view an example of what a safe, in-person administration may look like
    BDI-3 PPE Blog Image
  2. Download and print our BDI-3 PPE Infographic: ensure you are creating a safe, and sanitary environment and that you never forget a step when preparing for your administration by referencing theBDI-3 PPE Infographic
  3. Watch our webinar on “Conducting a Safe Early Childhood Assessment During COVID”: Presented by Tammy Stephens, PhD., and Cheryl Neithercott, gather tips for using the BDI-3 in-person or remotely

  4. Have an extra pair of manipulatives on hand:
    to help educators make the most of their administration time while also aligning with CDC PPE recommendations, Riverside Insights has created PPE-specific BDI-3 items:

Title Code


2021 Price


PPE BEAS Manipulatives w/Mask



PPE BDI-3 Developmental Complete Manipulatives w/Mask



PPE BDI-3 Screening Test Manipulatives w/Mask



PPE BDI-2/NU Developmental Complete Manipulatives w/Mask



PPE BDI-2/NU Screening Test Manipulatives w/Mask



Have additional questions about PPE in-person or remote testing of the BDI-3? Check out our Clinical Resources Hub.


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