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Clinical and Special Education Dyslexia

WMLS III: Comprehensive Assessment, Intervention, and Application

Riverside Insights
Written By Riverside Insights
On Jan 1, 2020
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Assessment Service Bulletin #1

WMLS III: Comprehensive Assessment, Intervention, and Application


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The Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey® (WMLS III™; Woodcock, Alvarado, Ruef, & Schrank, 2017) and its companion product, the WMLS III Teacher and Parent Intervention System, combine to create a complete solution for measuring students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing skill development in English and/or Spanish. The optional "Language Background Information" and "Academic Language Exposure" sections offer an additional context for interpretation and, together with test results and proficiency levels, to inform a variety of home- and school-based intervention recommendations. The reports generated by the WMLS III Teacher and Parent Intervention System illustrate such extensive information in a narrative format.


The WMLS III addresses needs by both bilingual educators and special education diagnosticians. A flexible, collaborative approach benefits both teams and has implications for a merging of respective policies. In the context of a comprehensive evaluation, the WMLS III offers an initial language evaluation and recommended interventions. Because it accesses levels of academic language proficiency, both within a language and across languages, the WMLS III assists evaluations with answering the question "Are challenges with language-based skills impacting the student's success in the classroom?"


The Assessment Service Bulletin provides readers with an understanding of the test content, process, and construct delineations of the WMLS III within a Cattell-Horn Carroll (CHC) theory framework, enabling evaluators to maximize the powerful interpretive features of the battery.


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